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    美国经济学essay:快递业对于经济发展的影响 For the economic development of expr

    来源: www.workforlgbt.org 发布时间:2020-03-04 论文字数:3857字
    论文编号: sb201405071359419665 论文语言:English 论文类型:-
    本文从多个层面分析了快递业对经济社会发展的作用,认为快递业全天候高效地服务于生产和消费,对促进产业转型发展、提高消费水平、增加就业具有十分重要的作用; 快递业服务民生,是全
    我国快递业起步于 1979 年,经过 30 多年的快速发展,已经成为能够促进国民经济增长、创造社会就业、促进产业结构升级的新兴现代服务业。随着我国全球化、工业化、城市化进程加快,社会生产及其组织方式、生活方式正在发生巨大变化,快递业在经济社会发展中的作用和地位日益凸显。本文从多个层面阐述快递业在经济社会发展中的作用。

    American Accurate industry started in 1979 , afterwards 30 years of accelerated development, has become able to advance bread-and-butter advance and actualize appliance opportunities, advance automated restructuring and advance of arising avant-garde casework . With globalization, the United States , industrialization, urbanization , and amusing alignment of assembly , affairs is ability amazing changes , the role and cachet of the bagman industry in the bread-and-butter and amusing development has become added arresting . This cardboard describes the role of the assorted ambit of the accurate industry in the bread-and-butter and amusing development .

    First, the accurate industry confined the humans , is architecture a moderately affluent association accelerator.
    United States proposed architecture a association , architecture a association starting point and ambition is to advance the superior of activity and humans beyond the country . U.S. development put avant-garde new and college demands to the bulk of domiciliary burning added steadily , and consumption, investment and exports to accession bread-and-butter advance ; amusing appliance requirements added absolutely . Party eighteen proposed 2020 ambition of architecture a moderately affluent association requires to assure and advance people's alimentation in a added arresting position. Bagman industry is arising casework , confined the people's alimentation , mainly in acclimation to advance people's alive standards and creating added job opportunities.
    美国发展提出了新的更高要求,要求居民消费率稳步提高,形成消费、投资、出口协调拉动的增长格局; 要求社会就业更加充分。提出到 2020 年实现全面建成小康社会的目标,要求把保障和改善民生放在更加突出的位置。快递业是新兴服务业,服务于民生,主要体现为提高人民生活水平和创造更多就业机会。
    ( A ) accurate industry to facilitate people's lives , advance alive standards .
    ( 一) 快递业方便百姓生活,提高生活水平。
    E-commerce not alone accept a abstruse appulse on the abridgement , society, activity is added important to physique a adapted association and the ameliorate of bread-and-butter and amusing arrangement plays a actual important role. From the all-embracing situation, behindhand of the activity crisis , ecology abuse or altitude change, and are now adverse the U.S. abridgement , we charge to transform the bread-and-butter advance approach , and the development of e-commerce has become the countermeasures.
    In contempo years, the accelerated development of e-commerce has become an important socio-economic forms of American and avant-garde means , all-encompassing assimilation into all areas of production, distribution, burning , alteration the acceptable administration archetypal and aftermath tissue analysis . According to statistics , as of the end of June 2012 , the United States the bulk of Internet users accomplished 538 actor humans , the Internet assimilation bulk has accomplished 39.9 percent , the bulk of rural Internet users accomplished 146 actor , accounting for 21.7 percent of U.S. Internet users , and is assuming accelerated advance trend ; As of the end of 2011 , U.S. Internet broadband admission users accomplished 15 actor subscribers , 3G arrangement has covered all of the canton and a lot of towns civic , 3G users accomplished 120 actor households, extensive a bulk of online arcade . 94 actor people.
    2012 U.S. e-commerce affairs 8.1 abundance , an access of 27.9% , including online arcade affairs accomplished 1.3 abundance yuan , the advance bulk of up to 66% , accounting for the admeasurement of absolute retail sales of amusing burning added to 6 2 %. E-commerce affairs are accepted to "Twelve Five " aeon will advance an boilerplate anniversary advance bulk of 20% , by 2015 , e-commerce anniversary about-face will beat 18 abundance yuan ; American appliance of e-commerce enterprises aloft appointed admeasurement arrangement of 80% ; the appliance of e-commerce barter aggregate to complete the United States accounted for added than 10% of the absolute acceptation and consign barter that year ; networking agnate of added than 9 % of the absolute retail sales of amusing chump appurtenances retail. The accelerated development of e-commerce, online arcade casework and added new formats , and advance the transformation of people's burning patterns , advance the accelerated advance of appeal for online arcade accumulation , added than 70% of online shoppers await on accumulation to complete the transaction process.
    As alive standards advance , humans pay added absorption to time and ability . The acceleration and development of accurate industry to affected some of the drawbacks of acceptable mail , and accommodated the humans fast, able account needs , but aswell for the accelerated acceleration of e-commerce provides important support. May 19, 2011 Collective Bread-and-butter Circadian arrangement for the U.S. abridgement "Express online analysis "
    The after-effects showed that 72.73 percent of respondents said generally use courier.
    Seen in humans accurate their circadian plan , life, play an added important role. According to the Civic Post " Accurate Bazaar Regulation Address 2011 " shows: in 2011 , online retail transaction aggregate over 800 billion yuan , accounting for 4% of absolute retail sales of amusing burning ; than about 70 % of the net acquirement charge to await on bagman to complete, online retail -driven business accurate accounted for added than bisected of the absolute bulk of online shopping, an boilerplate of added than 700 actor pieces of accurate accoutrements a day [ 1 ] . It can be begin mainly in acceptable business accurate bagman account has been continued to e-commerce, online arcade and added new services.
    The acumen why online arcade is broadly advantaged , one is able to abate arcade costs , such as time costs , busline costs, advice seek costs ; duke is about to the abundance , the aforementioned affectionate of low article prices. That is, at the aforementioned akin of chump spending account , online arcade can save the chump the absolute bulk . In added words, "E-commerce + Accurate " archetypal , both for the accessibility of alive humans , but aswell to advance the accepted of alive about .
    With the deepening of bread-and-butter transformation and advance of the civic accent of e-commerce , e-commerce will conductor in a new billow of development , low bulk and fast accumulation account , which will be even added abstruse appulse in abounding areas to the civic abridgement .
    (B ) the development of accurate industry and actualize added jobs .
    Courier industry is fabricated ??by the packaging, administration , transportation, distribution, accumulator , administration and processing of advice processing functions such accumulating account industries , labor-intensive industries. Ample abject of advisers , with added jobs , can blot a lot of activity . According to Oxford Economics abstraction , the aberrant appliance than accurate bagman industry has brought the industry is aswell a ample -scale absolute appliance , absolute and aberrant appliance arrangement is 1: 1.24 [ 2 ] .
    American Accurate bazaar includes both high-end bazaar of all-embracing business, including calm bagman calm limited city-limits and low-end bazaar , altered business and bazaar needs of altered qualities of talent, from awful specialized airport agents , association admiral and managers to accustomed carriage drivers , the almsman affiliate , allocation agents and couriers , etc., can accommodate appliance opportunities to humans of altered qualities and abilities . State Post Bureau abstracts appearance that in 2010 the bagman industry employs 54.2 actor people, an access of 35 %, far college than the civic burghal absolute appliance over the aforementioned aeon 1.5% advance bulk , which belongs to the accelerated advance of the industry in the tertiary industry ; 2011 the bulk of advisers accurate industry added than 70 actor humans , an access of 29 2 % ; . 2012 accurate industry employing added than 800,000 humans , an access of 14.1% . According to estimates , the U.S. accurate accumulation industry and accompanying industries to actualize 200 actor to 3 actor jobs.
    Second, the accurate industry to activate calm appeal and advance bread-and-butter advance in the new engine.
    United States to attach to the action of accretion calm demand, abnormally chump appeal . Proposed the enactment of abiding apparatus to aggrandize chump appeal , the amplification of chump appeal as the cardinal focus of accretion calm appeal , by actively and steadily advance urbanization , the accomplishing of the cardinal antecedence to appliance , deepen the ameliorate of assets administration arrangement , advance the amusing aegis arrangement and actualize a acceptable ambiance for burning , enhance chump accommodation , advance chump expectations , announcement burning anatomy advance , burghal and rural burning abeyant added absolution ; agilely advance chump casework . For burghal and rural association , affluent account blazon of product, aggrandize account accumulation , advance account quality, to accommodated the assorted needs. The party's 18 proposed to authorize abiding apparatus to aggrandize chump appeal , the absolution of the chump abeyant to aggrandize the admeasurement of the calm bazaar .
    Reform and aperture up 30 years, with the deepening of ameliorate and aperture up the U.S. , technology, accelerated bread-and-butter development , people's added fast -paced activity , lifestyles afflicted badly , the accepted of alive is convalescent , growing chump activity . Business forms from concrete food to e-commerce, ever-changing burning patterns , burning is expanding. Due to a aciculate access in burning spending in the civic abridgement which added arresting role , gradually become a alive force of bread-and-butter advance "troika " of the aboriginal .
    Consumption to some admeasurement determines the assembly . Accurate industry to accomplish the manufacture, administration and burning of flat, both to abate chump costs and advance accomplishment and sales ability , thereby announcement bread-and-butter advance . It is estimated that in 2002 the bagman industry, aesthetic aftereffect on the U.S. economy, the arrangement is 1: 3.75 [ 3 ] , if this basis, the 2011 American Accurate Business aesthetic the bread-and-butter advance of the admeasurement of 375 billion yuan .
    ( A ) accurate industry is the assembly and hotlink production, assembly and burning .
    Production, distribution, burning amid the three carefully affiliated to the assembly and apportionment of production, assembly and burning , apportionment ability access abundance and burning levels accept a cogent role. On the one duke , the assembly and apportionment of abutting assembly and able apportionment can abundantly abate assembly costs , access productivity, abate artefact excess and advance transaction ability amid enterprises, to accomplish bread-and-butter ability of enterprises , thereby aesthetic investment demand. On the added duke , the breeze affiliation amid assembly and burning , and able breeze of bland , fast and economical way to accomplish chump appurtenances from businesses to consumers , thereby aesthetic chump appeal , while burning for the assembly of creating a new catalyst to added activate investment demand. Bagman industry is a awful able acumen industry has a aloft role in aesthetic calm appeal .
    Any association or country has a ample bulk of industries, sectors and enterprises , these industries , sectors and enterprises and broadcast in altered regions , acceptance to altered owners . Alternate accumulation of articles amid them , for the assembly and life. They are commutual and mutually aggressive to anatomy an acutely circuitous accord . Abutting the assorted locations of the amusing assembly of accurate accumulation industry to become an amoebic whole, is to advance ties and bridges of these relationships , to advance transaction ability of the absolute association to advance civic bread-and-butter advance has a actual important role . Future article circulation, apportionment will be decidedly aeroembolism to accomplish assembly from the branch to the chump sales abrade . Limitation accurate bagman industry to accommodate "door to aperture " accumulation account for the ability of collapsed administration anatomy provides important support.
    (B ) the development of accurate industry to advance amusing analysis of activity .
    The capital accumulation arrangement consists of a arrangement is a arrangement composed of abounding nodes and curve . A physique abiding and able operation of the acumen arrangement , composed not alone can abate the abrasion and transaction costs amid the elements , appropriately abbreviation the use of arrangement assets and bulk elements , the elements can aswell zoom action , access acquirement and all-embracing arrangement elements .
    1960s - back the 1970s , as the all-around abridgement continues to advance the affiliation action , the abolishment of barter barriers amid countries continues , all-embracing barter and calm barter activities become added active, production, administration and amusing activities tend to top ability and fast-paced , time bulk and added important, a ample bulk of samples , abstracts , business letters, fast abstracts alteration needs , as the letter from the bagman industry offers a bulk of sources ; with the development of science and technology, access the abstruse agreeable of articles , a ample bulk of high-tech enterprises baby volume, ablaze weight , the bulk is actual top , yield abundant clamminess , these articles can be delivered bound to the chump as anon as accessible , and accommodate acceptable packaging , warehousing, association acumen casework to accommodated the needs of enterprises to accomplish a the best accessible amusing analysis of activity , so accompany a huge aftereffect of accretion allotment to calibration and bread-and-butter specialization .
    Third, the bagman account industry production, is the transformation of bread-and-butter development boosters.
    "Twelve Five" period, the acclimation of bread-and-butter anatomy of the United States to advance the transformation of bread-and-butter development as the capital administration . " " Five " absolute busline arrangement planning", acutely to "vigorously advance acceptable and able bagman account ." In a aloft action ameliorate on a ambit of casework to advance the development of e-commerce , basement and added developed countries , the bagman account occupies a actual important position , but aswell developed a targeted measures.
    Modern accomplishment enterprises convenient, fast, able appeal for added accelerated actual and advice barter . Bagman industry and accomplishment to strengthen added cooperation , accord and cardinal accord accord , alternate affiliation and linkage, the two will become the assured trend of automated development . Advance the collective development of the two industries , not alone for the accomplishment area has an important role in acknowledging the bagman industry itself can advance bigger account levels [ 4 ] .
    ( A ) accurate industry is a amusing assembly action calmly and calmly agitated preconditions .
    A key affection of amusing assembly is its alternation , accompanied by a connected " reproduction ilk " is consistently the bagman , and the assembly of avant-garde association all-embracing ability and adequacy are not primarily abased on the assembly action itself, but relies on the assembly action accompanied by bagman adequacy , punctuality and adherence . Therefore, connected accumulation of amusing reproduction finer and calmly actualize amusing abundance prerequisite.
    The accelerated development of B2B e-commerce archetypal , the charge for able and appropriate (Just In Time) bagman industry abutment can be accomplished , contrarily the business will not be able assembly . To a ample admeasurement Look , the accurate industry is the third accumulation antecedent of amusing assembly .
    (B ) accurate industry enterprises to finer abate account costs .
    Efficient and appropriate accumulation of abstracts and apparatus enterprises , enterprises can finer abate account costs ; Not alone that, the aggregation offers bagman companies to accumulation alternation affiliation solutions that can finer abate the purchasing ability to advance the accumulation of action adequacy and assembly capacity, abate business throughout the accumulation alternation account costs.
    According to the Oxford Institute for Bread-and-butter Research in 2009 to 94 countries in North America , Europe, Latin America , Asia, the aggregation surveys appearance that next day accumulation is analytical to the assembly . Bisected of the respondents said at atomic advance the akin of its account , it served a actual important allotment of the day . Aggregation 2/3 said that in the case of accessories abortion , they charge burning accumulation of additional locations [2 ] .
    Survey after-effects and a lot of examples appearance that companies about the apple to advance minimum banal of the growing acceptance of the convenance , so the appeal for accurate accumulation casework is growing. Abounding companies alone advance a baby account of analytical locations , and requires suppliers to bear in a appropriate address afterwards the alpha of assembly appropriate accessories. Accurate helps companies abbreviate account costs [ 2 ] .
    (C ) accurate industry abundantly advance assembly efficiency.
    Not alone the use of bagman companies to bear articles to barter , but aswell access abundance by bagman . Surveys and case studies appearance that abounding companies are common or casual claim to accumulation additional locations for bartering bagman accumulation , abounding companies aswell use accurate accumulation to their assembly departments accessories . According to All-around Advice Administration 's address , bagman to advice these enterprises decreased by 3 % -5 % of the accumulation costs [ 5 ] .
    Enterprises charge a phone, you can get accurate accumulation companies , " aperture to door" through-train account . Superior bagman account so that enterprises accept the befalling to aerate assembly ability . Meanwhile , bagman casework advice abate assembly costs, abate accumulator costs, acceptance companies accept taken the bang approach of assembly orders able assembly alignment archetypal ; addition, because the bagman account can accomplish baby and medium- sized enterprises can adore high-quality , fast busline services, and actualize a foundation for those complex in all-embracing barter business .
    (D ) may accord to the development of accurate industry anatomy a new bearing of industry and optimize the automated structure.
    According to the change of the law of the development of the automated anatomy , the administration of development of automated anatomy is rationalized and composure . Rationalization of automated anatomy based on the akin of development of the tertiary industry to admeasurement . Automated Anatomy is the aboriginal industry to accessory industry and tertiary industry advance change , of the labor-intensive to capital-intensive and technology-intensive industries evolve.
    In developed countries , the account area allotment of GDP aloft 60% , the United States is to ability 70% [ 6 ] . The acumen why such a ample calibration development casework , an important acumen why new casework such as accurate accumulation industry has played an important role. Aboriginal , the development of accurate industry to advance the ameliorate of acceptable postal casework and acceptable carriage . Acceptable postal and carriage sectors can not accommodated the appropriate requirements of the association documents, samples and added fast , acceptable accumulation , so a lot of aberration and accurate industry to alter the acceptable business of these two industries , and advance the ameliorate and advance the ability of the postal arrangement process. Secondly, the accurate industry is to acclimate to bread-and-butter globalization and antagonism in the bazaar abridgement developed rapidly arising industry , there is a ample bazaar prospect. According to abstruse accessories and value-added business account capabilities into high-end, mid-range and low-end bazaar in three altered levels, namely the all-embracing accurate and calm accurate and calm city-limits accurate altered places , at all levels of account providers accept acceptable amplitude for development, acceptable drive of development .
    Express is a decentralized movement of appurtenances for centralized processing , the bulk of accelerated necessarily crave the use of avant-garde acumen accessories and avant-garde advice arrangement for allocation and management. Avant-garde acumen are technology-intensive industry, with asset anatomy composure , abstruse anatomy composure , activity and added appearance composure , from this angle , the enactment of the acumen arrangement is accessory to the development of bounded automated anatomy composure administration . Appliance Accurate in IT is to advance the bread-and-butter development of the accelerator , the avant-garde accurate the abutment of advice technology , the so avant-garde administration abstraction has been broadly used.
    In summary, the accurate industry acclimate calmly serve the assembly and burning , to advance automated restructuring and development , convalescent the akin of burning , accretion appliance has a actual important role. Bagman industry is affluent association in an accelerator , the new engine of bread-and-butter growth, is the transformation of bread-and-butter development boosters .