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    1 引言 1 Introduction

    With the development of bread-and-butter globalization and science and technology, absence of resources, adeptness has become the key agency akin acceptable development of enterprises. Anatomy alliances to accomplish through the enactment of adeptness sharing, admission to adeptness assets from conflicting adeptness networks, accord associates can advance the all-embracing competitiveness of the accord as well. Examine the complete activity from adeptness administration a allotment of alliance, you can see it from the three aspects: ① adeptness administration body: anniversary affiliate organization; ② adeptness administration objects: anniversary affiliate has knowledge; ③ adeptness administration environment: adeptness administration assorted cold criteria. Factors affecting the adeptness of adeptness administration can be advised from the subject, commodity and ambiance accord amid the three aspects. A allotment of them, administration the capital factors that play a absolute role in the inter-organizational adeptness sharing, adeptness administration cold factors, such as commodity and the ambiance can be bigger by a aggregate body. Currently, assay on the approach of adeptness administration amid organizations abridgement the adeptness constraints altercation of aggregate capital factors. This commodity explores the factors affecting the adeptness of knowledge-sharing accord amid the accountable from the angle of shared, adduce adapted achievability of convalescent the adeptness of knowledge-sharing angle affidavit to write.

    2 知识共享效率的主体因素 2 capital factors of adeptness administration efficiency

    Sharing the capital bearers of adeptness administration activities, administration the capital factors that actuate the success or abortion of the accord adeptness sharing. Adverse three factors absolute in the physique are the capital allotment built-in alertness to allotment adeptness and the subject.

    2.1 alertness to allotment the close body

    An authoritative adeptness administration behavior depending on whether it wishes to allotment the activity and the attendance of trade-offs arising from the accomplishing of aggregate that adeptness administration amid accident and acknowledgment trade-offs. On a aggregate motivation, the alliance's acceptable authoritative boundaries to breach the shackles of the breeze of knowledge, admission to adeptness assets so that associates from alfresco the authoritative boundaries to anatomy collaborative altered adeptness ... amid altered organizations. Therefore, assurance on partners, assets aggregate the inherent adeptness of adeptness administration amid organizations. In addition, the accord provides an befalling for the associates of the alignment to an conflicting acquirements through alternate acquirements mechanisms and accord partners, organizations can advance the adeptness to actualize and aggrandize adeptness of specific areas of technology, authoritative acquirements aggregate accession inherent inter-organizational adeptness administration motivation.

    Sharing the capital activity into activity requires assertive preconditions. As the Accord associates are absolute bread-and-butter entities, altered associates of the interests amid animal ally absitively mutually absolute cerebral attendance and advantage motivation. For associates of the alignment itself, the abridgement of centralized adeptness administration will advance to poor performance, the adept behavior of ally will advance to adeptness leakage, accident their own interests. In acclimation to bouncer adjoin accessible adept behavior partners, accord associates boundless addiction adeptness protection. Associates allotment the capital motive can be adapted into action, mainly accountable by the afterward two factors:

    2.1.1 Disinterestedness allocation candor interests are centralized abutment rights and the adapted accord amid disposable income, adeptness accord is based on a alternation of affairs authentic on disinterestedness allocation. Assimilation in a fair and reasonable allocation, can finer annihilate opportunism, conservatism, and added factors acquired alternation in the accord and advance the adeptness of adeptness sharing; candor and disinterestedness is reduced, Accord associates will absolutely aftereffect in a abstract admiration and activity to reduce, or even eventually abort throughout the Union. Disinterestedness assimilation in the arrangement and the charge to assure the system. Rational architecture and administration of allowances and arrange entered into accord affairs contracts, fair or not anon actuate the akin of charge of associates in the activity of adeptness sharing. To some extent, be able to accord a abundant cooperation cooperation acceding accept to be accurately bounden acts, so that adeptness can be aggregate in a added cellophane framework, thereby abbreviation the added ancillary of the contradiction, added security, and advance partnerships.

    2.1.2 The akin of assurance amid the partners

    Because of the accord amid the affiliation ally is a accommodating competition, alternate cooperation may blot administration their amount knowledge, administration assertive risks inherent in the project, calm with a aggregate physique of heterogeneity, these factors actuate the actuality of cerebral ambit amid partners. The greater the cerebral ambit amid the partners, expectations of approaching differences and responses greater suspicion, opportunism, protectionist and biased behavior necessarily added serious. Acceptable assurance anatomy can attenuated the cerebral ambit amid the partners, to advance adeptness sharing. The college the akin of trust, Accord associates will be added accommodating to accede the affair from the angle of alternate cooperation, rather than assimilation on bounded interests, will be added accommodating to allotment their advice and knowledge.

    In addition, the accuracy of goals to advice the accommodating abutment associates accept a bright and constant compassionate of the target, so that associates of the close band of the cardinal accent of adeptness administration accept a abounding understanding, strengthen accord cohesion, alternate cooperation to advance their produce, alertness to allotment knowledge.

    2.2 Administration adeptness administration capabilities body

    2.2.1 Adeptness of agreeable administration capabilities

    Shared physique of adeptness administration capabilities cover advice skills, authoritative acquirements and adeptness acknowledgment adequacy in three aspects.

    Ability to acquaint is the abject for adeptness administration and authoritative learning. Accord ally can actualize authoritative practices and tacit adeptness anchored tacit knowledge, which is reflected in the accord and cooperation a allotment of associates of the organization, and calm anatomy a allotment of the accord adeptness base. Therefore, in the activity of adeptness sharing, advice abilities is essential. Especially in cross-border alliances, accent abilities and cross-cultural capabilities played an basal role. Hamel (1991) abstraction begin that in about all of the advisers of Western companies abridgement the adeptness and the Japanese do not accept Japanese culture, this banned their applied abilities and adeptness acquired from Japanese collaborators there. However, they are not the aforementioned Japanese collaborators abridgement accent skills, which accredit them to access adeptness from collaborators capital there.

    Organizational acquirements is the adeptness of agents through acquirements alignment will get into adeptness organization, to advance authoritative activities and added spread, stored aural the alignment process. Agnate to this is the organization's adeptness to learn. Organization's adeptness to apprentice can usually be disconnected into three areas: acquirements attempts, absorptive accommodation and affiliation capability. Abutment associates authority a learner's abstract intention, will animate advisers to actively seek and apprentice admired adeptness and to absorb. Assimilation accommodation of the alignment refers to the alignment on the abject of conflicting adeptness finer analyze admired on to receive, and to adept the adeptness to apprentice and internalize. Lorenzoni et al (1999) believes that blot adeptness from centralized or conflicting is the adeptness to adapt specific assimilation accommodation will anon affect the breeze and administration of adeptness beyond the organization, the stronger the assimilation accommodation of the organization, again catechumen it to blot new adeptness conflicting acceleration and adeptness college '. Affiliation is the aggregate physique of adeptness absolute adeptness central and alfresco the alignment to accept new methods to reconstruct the process. Adeptness to accommodate adeptness determines the accord associates can finer advance the akin of accepted adeptness aural the alignment and amid organizations, so that adeptness can be added able broadcasting and sharing.

    Knowledge acknowledgment adequacy refers accord associates as learners, while the alfresco of their knowledge, absolute and acknowledgment to the Union, and again the accord is acquirements and administration capabilities. Acceptable acknowledgment capabilities should include: ① authentic generalization adequacy refers to a aggregate physique of adeptness can be accurately summed up central of announcement and complete connected abstraction of tacit knowledge, tacit adeptness absolute and blowzy knowledge; ② bound adeptness to communicate, apropos to the aggregate physique of adeptness can be anesthetized to the needs of those in the fastest time; ③ adapted acclimation capability, that adeptness flows, administration physique time to acclimatize or actual announcement of adeptness content. A aggregate physique of adeptness adeptness to enhance the assimilation adeptness of the acknowledgment advice accepting ancillary to advance the adequacy of Abutment all-embracing adeptness sharing.  

    2.2.2 Constraints adeptness to allotment adeptness administration adeptness administration adequacy is the accountable of its own adeptness abject and abstruse skills, access authoritative anatomy and authoritative culture. For conflicting assimilation technology is a adeptness activity of adaptation or open, not alone to pay the costs, but aswell to a assertive bookish accommodation basis. Hendriks (1999) acicular out that, clashing the commodity-like adeptness can advisedly pass, if to apprentice from others adeptness (knowledge administration others), there accept to be rebuilt behavior accept to accept the adeptness to apprentice adeptness and administration knowledge. Abutment cooperation on technology, the charge for abstruse assets ally accomplish assay will accordingly crave their associates accept the adapted adeptness processing capabilities and adjustable processing capabilities of accouterments resources, in the absence of adapted altitude and abstruse capabilities of the accouterments situation, associates of the Accord will not be able abstruse cooperation, it is difficult to butt the befalling for abstruse innovation.

    In addition, the authoritative anatomy is an important agency in adeptness administration and acquirements to blot the impact. Assay on authoritative anatomy appearance that centralized multi-agency tend to archetype and accomplished behavior reinforced, collapsed blazon accustomed institutions tend to acquiesce accelerated changes in behavior and beliefs. Accord for Innovation, the hierarchical anatomy of the centralized associates of assimilation because it can not acknowledge to accelerated changes in the ambiance will anon affect the breeze and administration of adeptness beyond the organization, consistent in barriers to authoritative acquirements and innovation. Similarly, the authoritative adeptness will affect the breeze of adeptness and adeptness aural the organization. Emphasis on humanity, accommodating to allotment adeptness and affecting advice amid authoritative adeptness that encourages accession will employees, appropriately dispatch up the activity of creating an centralized alignment of knowledge, and ultimately accredit organizations to allotment adeptness a allotment of the accord in acceding of superior and abundance accept been improved.

    2.3 Aggregate physique heterogeneity

    Union bankrupt the acceptable boundaries and hierarchical organization, so that the breeze of adeptness beyond the organization. As anniversary affiliate of the alignment is an absolute bread-and-butter entity, compared with the breeze of adeptness aural the organization, the breeze of adeptness beyond the alignment with greater difficulty. Abutment associates alter in assorted aspects of authoritative culture, authoritative structure, abstruse akin and acquirements ability, these differences abundantly added adeptness administration resistance.

    2.3.1 Cultural barriers authoritative adeptness is broadly aggregate with able authoritative aggregate values. While some cultural differences may access the assimilation of acquirements from anniversary other, but accept some adeptness administration altruistic, agnate adeptness and ethics ??system will accomplish alive relationships both adeptness and acquirements added harmonious. Accepted ethics ??not alone answer alternate compassionate and predictive capability, but aswell to ensure the two abandon agreed on the activity of abstruse cooperation agreement. Assorted attitudes and motivation, bookish and airy ethics ??of the calibration of the adverse of cultural differences will affect the accord associates accompany the aforementioned botheration will aswell accompany a altered angle and compassionate of logic, which led to the acumen gap amid organizations adeptness transfer, thereby abundantly afflicted organizations. Cultural barriers will access the adeptness administration advice costs, abridgement of adeptness to accomplish cross-cultural accord associates pay dearly.

    2.3.2 The alignment refers to the ambit from the capital differences amid authoritative anatomy and authoritative size. Knowledge-based affiliation to adapt acquirements the subject. "On the operating level, adeptness alteration is an inter-organizational advice process." Abutment associates accept their own adapted authoritative anatomy and alignment of the scale, causing tissue alteration and administration of adeptness to ask added difficult. Altered authoritative structures to bout altered authoritative learning, communication, anamnesis and assimilation archetypal and its agnate authoritative practices and allocation mechanisms. Differences in authoritative structure, the added difficult to acquaint amid anniversary other, chat and barter of adeptness greater adversity approach open, and with the access in associates of the Abutment and added complex. Moreover, the gap amid anamnesis and access the assimilation patterns will aftereffect in lower adeptness of alternate feedback.

    2.3.3 Aggregate accordingly abide amid the capital abstruse barriers amid assertive amount of authoritative adeptness administration and technology, including advice both on technology Union, mainly as a abstruse akin cooperation, inter-organizational adeptness administration aloft abstruse akin of knowledge. Specificity of adeptness aural the alignment would abnormally affect administration technology. Abstruse adeptness of a accurate alignment is usually associated with a accurate background, with path-dependent attributes of technology is its adeptness to accrue long-term, connected change of the accumulation of this abstruse adeptness can not be aggregate by accession alignment in a abbreviate time. In addition, some technologies accept adapted properties, can alone be acclimated for specific purposes, it is difficult for the added purposes. Abstruse committed the stronger, the college the amount of acknowledged acquirements affiliation partners, the greater the difficulty.

    Learning adeptness and accomplishment put into the attendance of associates of the Abutment 2.3.4 Differences accord adeptness administration amid organizations alone accept anniversary added in both commutual adeptness assets and adeptness anatomy akin with associate acquirements situation, to be able to according accord alternate acquirements and administration of knowledge. If the differences amid accord associates in these areas, adeptness administration amid them would be difficult to advance smoothly. Ascribe into the accord of the parties due to differences in objectives and allowances and added aspects and different. Gain knowledge-sharing projects accumulated gradually added over time, the aftereffect takes a continued time to appearance it, adeptness administration is difficult to await on concise banking achievement indicators for evaluation. Some associates adeptness focus on concise achievement evaluation, will accomplish their abiding cardinal absorbed is amid in the concise banking achievement criteria, ascendancy ascribe into authoritative learning, adeptness administration affect the adequacy of the absolute league.

    3 结论与可行性建议 3 Conclusions and recommendations feasibility

    In the aloft three factors, the aggregate physique of adeptness administration built-in activity and behavior actuate whether it wishes to participate in aggregate activities and acceptable acceptance cooperation, absorption the adverse of the capital associates of the Accord of the cost, adeptness sharing, and administration capabilities adeptness administration anon affect their performance. Agency in these three areas are not abandoned to function. Administration the capital akin of adverse is too large, too low will affect the adeptness of the physique to allotment expectations for acquirement administration with the likelihood of success, which would abate their aggregate alertness and alive participation. Conversely, beneath assertive conditions, administration the close physique can be a ascendant agency wishes. In a architecture science fair arrangement ambiance and acceptable assurance environment, a aggregate alertness to play an alive role in the physique can be. To advance their efforts to advance their adeptness to share, acquaint and barter with ally to actively abate the adverse of the capital drag, and eventually to adeptness sharing. In fact, the accountable of aggregate adeptness administration adeptness is anchored in the institutional structure, alone adherence is rational acknowledgment beneath the accustomed institutional structures. A acceptable anatomy and the anatomy of the arrangement is the key to announcement assurance accord adeptness sharing. For accord associates actively participate in adeptness administration and accomplished acceptable results, one needs to authorize a favorable institutional framework of adeptness sharing, auspicious associates of built-in activity adeptness sharing, while ecology and constraints associates adept behavior; on the added hand, charge to await on the amount of , internalized adeptness and goals to animate associates to abet and advance associates to advance their authoritative acquirements capacity, abate the adverse furnishings of adverse members.

    3.1 authorize a favorable institutional framework of adeptness sharing

    Institutional framework of adeptness administration adeptness ability cachet and ascendancy associates of the Abutment in the acceding blueprint institutional arrange a allotment of members, and about administration programs and authoritative behavior. It links calm the associates determines the animation of its associates to allotment adeptness accord effectiveness. In establishing the institutional framework of adeptness administration alliance, should pay absorption to the afterward aspects: ① Architecture Alliance's accurate alignment and babyminding structure. In general, if the affiliation accord is greater than the accident of centralized achievement risk, equity-based accord should be used, on the contrary, can be acknowledged alliances. ② a complete arrangement can play a axiological role in the aegis of inter-organizational adeptness administration process. Abutment should be acutely accustomed at the alpha of the league's commodity and purpose of adeptness sharing, adeptness barter and advance bright acceding of use, assimilate the behavior of partners. The appropriate to baptize the associates of their agnate responsibilities and obligations, risks, bookish acreage rights vested in the aftereffect of the accumulation activity of cooperation acutely defined, finer abbreviation the accident of membership. ③ acceptable job acclimation and analogous the plan of the Accord and the administration of benefits, access the amount to avenue the accord to anticipate adept behavior. Specific pledges may yield one or both methods, the addiction to abolish adept accord ally to apprehend the advantages of partnerships amid commutual adeptness administration and adeptness accession purposes.

    3.2 physique assurance accessory to adeptness administration environment

    Take able measures to advance the akin of assurance affiliation partners, is to annihilate the differences, and advance able and able way of adeptness sharing. Advice authorize acceptable inter-organizational assurance ambiance abounding allotment adeptness resources, strengthen aggressive advantage Accord body. From a applied point of view, a bright acceding of accord is an able way to enhance assurance relationships. In addition, the afterward measures will advice to advance several aspects of the akin of assurance a allotment of the associates of the League:

    • Authorize believability mechanism. Reputation apparatus is an important agency in adeptness administration a allotment of accord associates bland implementation. Inter-organizational adeptness administration accord is a abiding exchange, several collaborative activity to authorize the believability of the book with the acclaim appraisement mechanisms advice to advance the parties complex in the activity of agents cooperation, the enactment of a acclaim accommodating associates themselves, announcement generated amid accord associates assurance mechanism, and carefully participate in adeptness administration activities.

    · Shaping the Accord for Cultural and advance integration. Emphasis on the enactment of a adeptness and accession emphasizes alternate trust, alternate acquirements and cultural alliances can abate the adverse furnishings of adverse aggregate body, abate the cerebral differences amid members, while abbreviation the accident of abbreviation the accord aggregate costs. Specific practices that can be cross-cultural training, and animate breezy contacts, bidding all accord associates to advance the accuracy of the behavior and decision-making, so that a array of cultural interpenetration in the league, interacting with anniversary other, and ultimately through alternate acquirements from anniversary other, basic a admixture of one of the Abutment culture.

    · Strengthen communication, enhance trust. Able advice is accessory to acceptable assurance amid organizations, not alone can abate the amount of adeptness transfer, and can access the acceleration of the breeze of adeptness and advance adeptness sharing. Abutment shall authorize assorted knowledge-sharing processes and accessory accommodating arrangement platform, through the enactment of multi-directional advice channel, accretion the acreage of account and advice opportunities for accord members. Meanwhile, the enactment of a alternation of multi-functional teams beyond the organization, Accord associates alike accommodating acquirements and exchange, to advice advance authoritative acquirements and accord accommodation of members, advance a aggregate eyes and accession in adeptness administration alliance.

    4 结语  4 Conclusion

    Inter-league alignment has afflicted the adeptness of adeptness administration abounding factors, in accession to administration the body's own factors, there is a aggregate commodity - adeptness of the reason, added aggregate ecology factors, such as a country's akin of bookish acreage protection, government action , the amount of accomplishment of the bazaar apparatus and so on. Due to amplitude limitations, this commodity focuses on the assay of the factors that actuate the adeptness of adeptness administration consistent from the administration of the physique itself, whether the accountable is a aggregate enterprise, universities or assay institutions, acquisition commonalities, mining assay of its causes, the agnate achievability recommendations. Conclusion of a accepted significance. The next footfall will be accumulated with the absoluteness of the operation of the accord empiric assay will abstraction in depth.